Rembrandt in America: About the backwards M

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Rembrandt in America: About the backwards M

Maybe you have noticed the backwards M in the logo of the current exhibition Rembrandt in America. It's not a typo.

When the museum asked our studio ( RUL) to design the logo and exhibition graphics for the Rembrandt show, we met with Jon Seydl , curator of European paintings and sculpture, who discussed the themes of the show. This exhibition asks the viewer to "look closely" and judge for themselves the authenticity of the paintings–whether it could have been painted by an artist of the Rembrandt school, or an apprentice to Rembrandt or by Rembrandt himself.

A few of Katie Parland's sections

We wanted to create a simple logo that hinted at these themes the visitors would find in the exhibition. Designer Katie Parland sketched out a gem. The subtlety of the highlighted backwards M in Rembrandt's name makes you take another look and notice that something is not quite right but it still reads easily since a backwards M looks very similar to a right read M.

We hope to have made you take a closer look.

–Lizzy Lee
co-principal at RUL