Behind the Scenes: Framing Scene with Witches: Morning by Salvator Rosa

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Behind the Scenes: Framing Scene with Witches: Morning by Salvator Rosa

The four witch paintings by Salvator Rosa have not been on view for quite a while. Jon Seydl, the Paul J. and Edith Ingalls Vignos, Jr., Curator of European Paintings and Sculpture (1500-1800) is excited to bring them back on view in the Reid Gallery because they are such an interesting subject matter and "they don't look like anything else on view in the galleries."

Getting them up in the gallery was a challenging exercise in problem solving and collaboration among the curator, conservation technicians, the paintings conservator and art handlers. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the process from the point-of-view of Dave Piurek, paintings and frame technician.

The round frame presented a challenge for Piurek. Rectangular frames have a bottom edge that simplifies measurements. This frame had to be measured on the center mark from an acetate template to ensure all 4 frames were being aligned precisely.

Each frame is uniquely crafted. It means each frame is its own complete problem.

The frame is flipped over to determine the proper measurements to accommodate the additional required hardware for hanging. New wood has been added to the old frame.

Piurek surveys the progress of his work. He says it took about a week to complete the project. Collaboration and consultation with a paintings conservator greatly contributed to the final success.

The frames are now ready for hanging with wire. Before Piurek released the paintings to the art handlers, he did a simulation to make sure they would line up properly in the gallery.

Problem solved. Piruek takes a pictures of the paintings after the art handlers have placed them on the gallery wall.

-- Kesha Williams